The collection selected represents an original body of work that showcases some of the styles used by photographer Geoff Payne to present his ART. Geoff Payne's Photo Art has been part of the art fraternity for many years. Geoff's exhibitions are extremely popular and his works are found in public buildings, clubs and galleries. His fine reputation ensures he receives many requests for commission works.

Geoff is particularly admired for his innate ability to capture the essence of spectacular moments in nature. Exploring with a wide range of photographic techniques, styles and subjects. Geoff brings you images that are a soothing tonic for all of your senses.

Geoff's mission is to provide calming sustenance for your senses in today's hectic world.

You are invited to explore each images many layers; the beauty in the world, the moods of the day, the spiritual relationships in nature, each image will continue to invite you to take another look and perhaps find more. Geoff explains that he endeavours to project thought provoking images for you to contemplate.

"If these images take you to some other place and time, if they evoke special calming feelings. If they help you to reflect on what is important in life, then I am succeeding in my art".

The relaxing nature of Geoff's photography makes it the ideal art to hang in your home or office.

There is nothing more conducive to a peaceful and evocative environment then a series of serene prints captured by Geoff Payne.